Welcome to the Open Source xTalk Interpreter archive.
For years, xTalk has been a proprietary language, kept lock and key under closed source interpreters. Those days are now over. From now on, this archive will keep track of all available open source xTalk interpreters. We strive to keep this archive up to date. If you're aware of any that should be here but aren't, let me know at tyler [dot] vano [at] gmail [dot] com.

NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, none of these are complete, debugged, or production quality. Most of them are the result of abandoned projects. Use at your own risk.
OpenXION (MPL) - New!
A brand new, state of the art xTalk interpreter written in Java by our own Rebecca Bettencourt. Note that this is a non-GUI, command line interpreter. I'm not providing a download, since this is already publicly available and actively maintained. Thanks, Rebecca!

# Use this command to check out a read-only working copy anymously over HTTP
svn checkout http://openxion.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/main/java/OpenXION/ openxion-read-only

Source 1: Google Code Site
StackImport (MIT) - Updated!
A HyperCard Stack Importer written in C++, and distributed as an xCode Project. Translates HyperCard's horrible proprietary stack format into something more usable for those of you who want to write a HyperCard clone, but not spend years dredging through HyperTalk's terrible stack format. Thanks to Mr. Z for contributing this to the world!

Update: Mr. Z has generously put StackImport back up on GitHub. Enjoy!

Download 1: Complete source.
Link 1: GitHub Source
HyperCard Format Documentation - Updated
Mr. Z has kindly documented almost all of HyperCard's file format, as well as the AddColor resource format for us. It is presented here for your personal edification and/or programming awesome.

Update: Turns out Rebecca Bettencourt wrote some seriously thorough documentation on HyperCard's file format as well. I'm including a link to it here. Thanks, Rebecca!

Update 2: Mr. Z updated his HyperCard File Format documentation. Now covers LIST and PAGE block types.

Link 1: HyperCard File Format Documentation (Mr. Z)

Link 2: HyperCard File Format Documentation (Rebecca)

Link 3: AddColor Resource Format Documentation (Mr. Z)
jsCard Complete (Mixed Licenses)
This is the entirety of jsCard as creysoft finished it. You can log in and mess around. It's nowhere near finished from a UI perspective, but the xTalk->JavaScript compiler is actually pretty decent. Still needs a ton of love, but if you wanted to make an open source web based xTalk app, this would be a great starting point.

Note from creysoft: Honestly, the code in here is just crap. But hopefully someone can do something with it. :-)

Download 1: Complete app.
Joker Project (BSD)
Written by M. Uli Kusterer (www.zathras.de), it is very well written and quite well documented. A great place to start! This is just an interpreter. No GUI included. It uses a sort of pseudo-assembler that it interprets directly at runtime.

Note from the Author: This code is as-is with no guarantees. Use at your own risk.

Download 1: Large package with lots of downloads. Not sure if it compiles under OS X.

Download 2: Small package containing just some source code. I'm sure this one compiles.
Project 11 (MIT) - Updated!
Written by creysoft and Rebecca Bettencourt, with help from an ethereal light being called Mr. Z. Originally intended to be a complete replacement for HyperCard. Time and reality have slowed progress, but it's still a fairly thorough HyperTalk interpreter, with some cool GUI stuff already in place. This uses a sort of high level assembler that compiles into a numerical bytecode at runtime. You may want to check the PXISource Wiki (Defunct).

Update: Added a new version of the code for OS X 10.4 onward. You'll want Mixer.xcodeproj.

Update 2: Rebecca apparently maintains a collection of all the old PXI/Wildfire files. Thanks to Rebecca for hosting, and Mr. Z for bringing it to my attention.

Download 1: Complete source code. (Pre OS X 10.4)

Download 2: Complete source code. (OS X 10.4+)
jsCard Compiler (MIT)
Written by creysoft, with some slight help from Mr. Z, this little PHP script is the beginnings of a HyperTalk to JavaScript compiler. Although much work obviously remains to be done, it is a clean foundation and a promising start. Note that PHP and JavaScript are sufficiently similar in form and function, that a functional HyperTalk to PHP compiler could be derived from this with very little additional work.

Download 1: Complete source code.
While technically part of PXI, this one was big enough that I wanted to make it its own entry. This is code to extract images from HyperCard stacks, and export them as PBM files (which can be manipulated in GraphicConverter, or managed and drawn easily in code). We could use support for more formats. (Hint hint.)

Download 1: Complete source code.
RealHyperCardX (MIT)
Not xTalk related, but something I know many people would love. Rebecca has graciously open sourced her REALbasic-based RealHyperCardX program, to open and display HyperCard stacks. They're not interactive, but it's undeniably cool. Check it out!

Download 1: Complete source code w/ Compiled App.