Kizume is an online fantasy role playing service for singles. I developed a distinctive user interface for both web and mobile platforms. The focus was on creating an intuitive UI that would be immediately obvious to users without technical skills.

Kizume is currently in private beta, and will launch later this year.

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A User Interface for a Modern Age.

Kizume is a consumer facing application, and therefore needed to have the slick "web 2.0" feel popularized by companies like Apple and Sofa. Features like keyboard accessibility, responsive widgets, and realtime form validation were critical to the brand.

Leveraging my past experience in developing browser based user interfaces, I designed a custom JavaScript- based widget set, as well as company style and branding guides for consistency.

The interface has performed very well with preliminary user testing.

Pixels. So many pixels.

Kizume is a fairly large application with many different parts. A lot of effort went into ensuring that each part got the obsessive attention to detail it deserved. The e-mail application alone contains over 40 custom widgets, implementing everything from icons to e-mail recipient fields.

All of the original design work was done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, using a MacBook Pro and a Wacom Cintiq. Some purchased and freely licensed icons were were used.

Art and Architecture.

Kizume’s UI was written mostly with JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS. The interactive 3D components were written in Unity3D. The entire application is based around a custom, modular AJAX framework which allows lazy-loading of UI components as needed, with realtime data being pushed to the browser with Comet.

I provided all frontend programming for Kizume, including the code for the 3D avatar engine.
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