Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. asked me to assist in developing their online test registration application, used by state governments to allow students to register for proctored exams. I designed separate student, teacher, and state administrator interfaces, covering a wide range of functionality. Kalkomey's event registration application is still the most popular application of its kind.

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Beautiful Efficiency.

Kalkomey’s event registration application had two major requirements: it had to be easy to use, and it had to be fast. That meant minimal use of extraenous graphics and effects. I combined judicious use of icon graphics, advanced web typography and CSS tricks to create a fast-loading, beautiful user interface.

While coding the app, I made extensive use of JavaScript and Ajax techniques to dynamically load form elements without requiring a page refresh, further improving the user experience.

Infinite Flexibility.

Event Manager was designed to be used by a variety of states, each with their own unique laws, procedures, and terminology. I designed the application to be extremely flexible &emdash; nearly everything displayed on the screen was configurable from the state administrator interface.

Not only were the fields themselves configurable, but administrator users could easily specify simple and complex validation rules, which were then evaluated both in the front end and on the server to ensure data accuracy.
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