Fenrir was completely custom JavaScript user interface kit, focused primarily on being easy to transparently integrate with an existing application.

It was originally developed as part of a larger project, but I've found it to be useful on its own accord, reusing several techniques and components in other efforts down the road.

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Beauty is in the Details.

While developing the UI for a document management system, I realized the need for a JavaScript UI framework that could be easily integrated with a traditional web application. Fenrir was designed, graphically, from the ground up, with custom widgets that could be generated based on existing inputs, or from custom markup. Lots of features, such as instant validation, autocomplete, and live updating were baked right into the framework.

Fenrir was written entirely in object oriented JavaScript, with objects for individual controls generated transparently and accessible through the framework by ID. This made it very easy to automatically manage a large array of controls.
Tyler Vano <tyler.vano@gmail.com>
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